The Track
All our tracks are constructed of 4'x3' 3/8" angle. Hydraulic mills come standard with a 2'x3' box tube sub frame. Trailer models have 8 stabilizer legs standard. Six 2000 lbs. crank jacks are an option. Ground modles have 8 screw adjusters. Both tracks are rigid enough to support heavy logs. Each track has 4 sets of log dogs, 4 backstops and 5 log bunks of 3" channel. 3'6" spacing along the 20' track almost totally eliminates any sag on boards, cants or logs. They are spaced so you can saw odd length logs and still have adequate log dogs. After sawing a log into boards, the boards can be clamped back on the saw deck for edging. The track is designed to saw down to the last 1" board. A 20' track is standard for all of our models, allowing you to cut 17' lumber; custom extensions are available. The deck height on the trailer is 22", which eases log loading and handling.

Backstops & Log Clamps
Our mill uses a very durable fast and easy to use one-lever control backstop system. One lever lifts and lowers all 4 backstops on the right side of the track. The left side has one short dog for clamping cants or boards and 3 taller dogs for bigger cants and logs. Also, it is easy to re-saw or edge boards with our system. All standard tracks come 20' long with 4 sets of dogs.

The Carriage
All the saw carriages are identical, accepting 9-24 hp motors, even electric. The saw carriage throat is 30" or optional 36". The carriage is constructed of 2½" x 2½" x 3/16" wall square tube. The log sits stationary on the track. The carriage rolls over the log on 4 ball bearing V groove wheels that are positioned on 1" x 1¼" angle runners which make up the track for a smooth and easy flow. To raise the carriage simply crank the winch up or down checking the height on the scale. Optional: Electric Head Lift.

Blade Guides
Two sets of blade guides with double rollers sandwiching the blade keep consistent accuracy while sawing. This design also allows the blade to run cooler which adds to blade life, and less pitch buildup.

The blades on our mills are 12' and 13' long. We use 1¼" wide bands .042 thick. There are a number of blade tooth configurations available to suit your individual needs and purposes. We do sell blades with our mills and also pass on the manufacturers' phone numbers so that you may buy the blades direct as we do.

The guards and sheet metal are 14 gauge steel, extremely strong and durable. All the steel on these saws is thick enough to withstand years of harsh use.

Tires-Band Wheels
20" OD air-filled tires are far superior to steel wheels greatly extending blade life. They are more forgiving under tension (13k lbs. psi) cooler, creating less stress, fatigue an pitch build up on blades. The naturally cooler blades mean longer blade life with less pitch build-up.

Parts Availability
The wheels used on our mills are available at most local tire stores; bearings, belts, and idler pulleys are available at most NAPA or bearing supply stores. Top quality parts locally available keep our machines running cost effective over the years.

Engine Options
All of our saw heads will accommodate 9 - 24 hp engines. Every task of the sawyer can be accomplished from one side of our machine, as in clutch throttle, blade tracking and tension, carriage height and all log dogging and clamping. Another nice feature is that the sawdust exits out the opposite side of the operator.


Track Length-
20 ft. standard (ext. available)
Carriage is identical on all saws - 2½" x 2½" x 3/16" wall sq. tube
Motor plate 1/4" steel with 3" channel
Trailer Model 1 pc. 3"x4" w/ 3/8" angle
14 gauge steel
Ground Model 1 pc. 3"x4" w/ 3/8" angle
Drive Shaft-
1½" Browning greaseable brg. block
Cross Supports/Log Bunks-
5 - spaced 3'6" apart
3" channel
Blade Guides-
5 bearings - dbl roller top & bottom sandwich blade with a back ball bearing
Log Dogs/
Back Stops-
4 sets per 20' track
Wheels & Hubs-
480 x 12 wheels 21" OD
12' x 1¼" Lenox
Stabilizer Legs-
Trailer Model - 8
6 Bulldog Jacks - Optional
Ground Model - 8 - 2" adjuster feet
9 HP, 13 HP, 20 HP & 24HP Hondas
10HP Briggs & Stratton
Simple over center idler tension pulley single 5/8" Napa V belt
Log Capacity-
30" or 36" x 16' 6"
      Extentions Available